Our Values


    Natural dyed lingerie

    Clothes you can rent, shoes you can borrow – your lingerie is yours alone. It has to fit, it has to support you, it has to last, and it has to make you feel exceptional, no matter the situation.

    Our handmade pieces are crafted to make you feel not only beautiful but capable. We don’t produce anything unless it adheres to our four core values and protects our commitment to ethical business. Our mission is to be the capsule collection that works with every outfit, every mood, every day.

    We believe in:


    We know that no woman is the same size every day of the month or every month of the year. And we know that the day is long and varied and life ever eventful. That is why we have spent years creating brassieres that are discretely adjustable and bodysuits that are convertible, using fabrics and components that are both flexible and durable.


    At Aberdevine, we don’t follow trends. We don’t want to see barely worn underwear discarded simply because it has gone out of style. We take classic artisan design and combine it with thoughtful progression, ensuring our collections are effortlessly contemporary yet can be treasured year after year.


    For us, looking good is not enough. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, not only in terms of design but in execution. Over 30 prototypes were used in creating our first collection. Every piece we produce is checked laboriously for quality. We are constantly seeking to innovate, to be better. Our groundbreaking construction designs are protected in law, in recognition of their uniqueness – you won’t find them anywhere else. 


    In everything we do we strive to consider the big picture; not only our impact on our customers but on the world beyond. That means over four years seeking out materials that match our commitment to the environment. It means keeping supply chains as simple as we can and utilising smaller, regional businesses. It means valuing not only our clients but all those who work with us. And it means giving back through our charitable commitment.