Beyond sustainability

It is important to us that you know Aberdevine strives to be a sustainable enterprise. A bra can have as many as 30 components, and we are determined to use only those we feel are kindest to the planet. But it doesn’t stop there...


Fabrics: After several years of research, testing, and consultation with experts, we chose European premium recycled lace as the fabrics of choice for our products. We also use small quantities of lyocell, produced from sustainably sourced wood in a certified environmentally responsible manner. We considered bamboo, but it grows poorly in the European climate, so inevitably involves long-distance air freight. We deemed new organic cotton to be too environmentally harmful in its growth and production, particularly its water and heat demands, and recycled cotton failed our durability and appearance tests. Our recycled lace is clean, supportive, durable, and gorgeous. Our lyocell is hygienic, kind to skin, completely biodegradable, and even vegan. No solution is final, though; we promise to keep researching and testing to find the perfect materials.

Dyes: If you’re wondering why our underwear doesn’t come in every colour under the sun, it’s because of our goal to use only natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-allergenic dyes, derived from native plants (rather than coal tar, which is where most synthetic dyes come from). So you won’t find our products in bleached white, but you will find cream (made from fungi) and honey (made from buckthorn and hazel bark). The only exception at present is our use of black, which cannot currently be achieved satisfactorily using natural dyes but was heavily requested during market research. Offering black helps us achieve our aim of producing products that are versatile and long-lasting, but we are keeping this under review.

Straps and elastic: All our bras, bralettes and bodysuits have straps and bands made from sustainable recycled nylon obtained from regenerated raw materials that would otherwise have been disposed of as waste. Our European supplier is fully tracked and certified.

Underwires: The wiring in many bras is made from, or coated with, plastic. This is generally claimed to be necessary for appearance and durability, but our in-house tests have found no supporting evidence. At Aberdevine, we exclusively use non-coated metal underwires — and we hope to re-use them again and again in the future, which is why we ask you to send back your bras rather than throwing them away.



Our lingerie is created with a deep respect for both the craft and its devotees.  

We strive to keep our team small and discerning. After the initial designs are drawn up by our founder, they receive input from a professional designer and then a professional constructor before being turned into final 3D designs. Each piece then becomes a prototype (or many, in fact). Only after painstaking testing do the prototypes proceed to manufacturing at a small independent producer, consisting of one production manager and half a dozen seamstresses.

Design to construction to production takes place within a radius of 177 kilometres, allowing personal visits, full transparency, and alignment of values. Working with local artisans helps us ensure that every person involved in the production of our garments is fairly compensated and respected for their craft.



Our products will arrive at your door in the smallest possible recycled (and recyclable) box. For UK deliverables, our research indicates that the Royal Mail is currently the most environmentally friendly option, whilst in Europe it is FedEx. We would rather not fly; if you are based in the UK, we will ship from the UK. If you are based Europe, we will ship from Europe.


We hope that your Aberdevine lingerie will be treasured by you for many years. But when the time comes and you deem them no longer suitable, we ask that you please send them back to us. We’ll reuse all the parts we can and recycle the rest. And we’ll give you money off your next purchase as a thank you.


We do our best to make the most ethical lingerie we can, but you also play a role in making it truly sustainable. Please take the time to read the care label on any item you purchase from us, to ensure each garment stays with you for many years to come.


For every item you buy from Aberdevine, we will give £1.00 directly to charity. For 2023, our selected charity is the Helmsley Walled Garden in the North Yorkshire Moors. Your donations will go towards planting and caring for a wildflower patch, supporting the biodiversity of our beautiful planet.


At Aberdevine, sustainability is a journey. It is a commitment we make every day through the many decisions we make. We realise there is always room for improvement, and we promise to keep working and researching to be the best that we can be.